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The META service allows Rambla users to attach metadata to their media items on the CDN. It allows users to search media items based on metadata, and retrieve them in various formats (e.g. JSON, ATOM, Media RSS). It also allows them to make their media items publicly accessible and automatically populate playlists.

The META service communicates with our other web-services in order to ensure for simple workflows. This makes it easy to seamlessly integrate our services into your existing publishing platform. You can implement a custom workflow (e.g. encode, publish and syndicate) with just a few lines of code, or you can use our web-applications to manage your media items manually.


Requests are sent using the HTTP protocol and require HTTP Basic Authentication (except for resources that are made publicly accessible). The URI path determines the resource that the request wants to access, and the HTTP method determines the type of action to be taken on this resource. For the available resources and methods, see the META API.

The data that is transferred in the request body should be encoded in JSON. The result of a request is conveyed through standard HTTP header mechanisms and, additionally, via custom RAWS status codes and messages. As a rule, the response body (if present) will be encoded in the same format as the request, but the user can override this via the query-string part of the URI.

By conforming to open protocols, Rambla Web Services accommodate for rapid client application development in any programming language. For more information, see the RAWS Clients section.

Getting Started

See our getting started guide.